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Photography by FOCUS AFRICA

Hello there! Being three weeks deep into August, I thought I am a little too late to make this post. Clearly, July weather is going nowhere- so I will post this anyway.
A few months ago, I showed you guys how to dress up a camel trench coat, so i thought I’d show you how to dress it down on this post, and also jog your memory on how to dress it up. Dressing it down will definitely give it a whole different vibe altogether. This is precisely why I think every guy should have one of these- besides the fact that they are cool and quite the trend.
Camel is quite a popping color so you should go for a dark color for the pants you will wear- either blue or black. Both chinos and jeans would work well for a casual look. IMG_7741
For the…

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This is a question I have gotten many times when I mention my coping. For those who do not really know what I mean, I am talking about being a student and a mother without a domestic manager popularly known as “househelps”. How do I cope?

Well, let me give you a little background then you will get to understand why. When I was expectant, I never thought of what would happen when the baby arrived in terms of who would help me around the house. This is because I was doing most of the house chores on my own and as for the laundry I would outsource cause at that time bending is a gift and well a washing machine is…….

Time came and she was here and my hubby was also on paternity leave and he was there for me, he cooked for me, fed me and also…

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Finally!!!! A taste of photography! Thanks Lut 😁😎


People people, the holiday is among us and may we all please embrace it………

Lord knows I was waiting for the Summer semester to end as soon as it began.Can I just say I am thankful I survived one of the most gruesome semesters ever. With that outta the way, I am chilling in my uncle’s house enjoying the fact that I don’t gotta do anything but eat and sleep.

My country people went to the polls and my only wish is that we all accept the results and move on. We have better things to do than worry about who won what seat.

Now back to the relaxing……..

For those who don’t know me, I like taking pictures and I am the proud owner of a Canon. I love that camera more than some members of my family. While in the 255, in my uncles’s very serene house(too serene…

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Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned


I have sinned and today i come to you begging for forgiveness.

It was a moment of weakness, a few minutes of pleasure. And at that point in time it felt right

It was all in slow motion,pure silence and all I could hear was my heart beating and blood rushing through my body.

I wanted to stop, I knew it was wrong but it felt too good. The taste was too good. The feel was to good. The satisfaction was too good.

So I continued and I lost myself in the tasting, The feeling and the embracing. I should have pulled away but my mind was on shut down and the rest of my body was in control.

That’s It, I sinned. I pulled back and looked down at all the mess I had just made.What have I done? How will I recover from this?

1 step forward 30…

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Every time I think of it, I just shake my head and close my eyes unconsciously and let out a silent sigh. I cannot come to terms with the feelings it brings back. It just doesn’t sit well with me. It is something I still cannot shake off at times. Stop letting your eyes bulge out and mind wander expecting me to make this interesting by making sure that your innuendo palette is tickled. I am not trying to be suggestive in any way. I am actually talking about DEPRESSION.

Now, in the mommy world, according to statistics, look at me being smart  about 40% to 80% of women experience depression. It is known as post partum depression. This happens mostly after the magical moment. Especially when mommies are now home with their babies and its just them. I know it is hard to imagine this. One expects a…

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Heart like the Titanic

Confusion making it nostalgic

Tears are what made it tragic
Swollen eyes, blurred lines, heavy breaths,

Long nights, shattered dreams, Where’s my sleep?
Crashed ship, freezing soul, don’t let go, you promised so,

Hourglass, hourglass, Where’d you go?
Eyes closed, reminiscing,

Hands locked, pull me closer

Racing heart, pure excitement

Wish you never ending happiness, but bliss is better

Breath in, breath out, control yourself

Embrace your 5th sense, that’s much better
Intrigued, got your attention

Trapped, it doesn’t have to be affection

Look into my eyes, you know my intentions

Alas, you taste like perfection
Fast forward, follow my lead

Pitch black, I’m all you need

Deep breaths, this time I’ll take the lead

Hold tight, don’t be coy, do the deed
Tick tock, torn by time

Don’t stop, handle me like you’re committing crime

Pause, embrace the tickle in your spine

Iceberg, it doesn’t…

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What you ask?

Well, Every time I get to know someone for a while and they feel that they are comfortable enough with me, they always feel the urge to ask me this question.

I am talking about my pregnancy journey. Relax! By journey, I mean from conception to delivery. Yes!! I AM GOING TO GO DEEP!

Gents, don’t switch off your devices yet! I will try to make it as interesting as I can and  to the least bit discreet. I know you want to know but you don’t want to know mmmmh…..  so stick around as you try not to imagine.

So, I saw the 2 lines on the stick and that is when I thought of the pain of delivering. Thanks to the random videos that play on the social media apps and before you know it, you are cringing and making the’sssss’ sounds as you try…

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